WASHINGTON — With the close of the 2022 Democratic primary season last night, the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC shared its official tally for wins of endorsed candidates. The PAC is now primed to bring at least 12 new progressive members of Congress to Washington next year, including all five open-seat candidates supported through PAC’s independent expenditure arm.

The twelve PAC-endorsed primary candidates all ran in open seats this year, in a varied array of districts and with a diverse class of winners. Among them are candidates who would be the first Black woman to represent Pennsylvania, the first woman to represent Vermont, the first Gen Z member of Congress, and three representatives from the key battleground of Texas.

The PAC’s endorsed winners in this year’s open seat primaries include: Becca Balint (VT-AL), Greg Casar (TX-35), Jasmine Crockett (TX-30), Maxwell Alejandro Frost (FL-10), Robert Garcia (CA-42), Jonathan Jackson (IL-01), Sydney Kamlager (CA-37), Summer Lee (PA-12), Delia Ramirez (IL-03), Jill Tokuda (HI-02), Andrea Salinas (OR-06), and Michelle Vallejo (TX-15). Of these 12 winners, five candidates — Summer Lee, Delia Ramirez, Maxwell Alejandro Frost, Jill Tokuda, and Becca Balint — were supported by the PAC’s newly robust independent expenditure program, an investment totaling nearly $1.2 million this year. Two additional candidates, endorsed by the CPC PAC, Valerie Foushee (NC-04) and Morgan McGarvey (KY-03), are the Democratic nominees in safe blue seats this November.

“We couldn’t be prouder of the CPC PAC’s winning record during the 2022 primaries,” said Reps. Pramila Jayapal, Mark Pocan, and Jamie Raskin, co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC. “These candidates represent the best of the Democratic bench and the next generation of progressive leadership. Their campaigns are battle-tested and ready to win in November, and help Democrats hold the House. We look forward to welcoming our new colleagues to Congress to continue the fight for progressive priorities and a country where no one is left behind.”

The Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC has the opportunity to continue to add wins to this tally in the general election, with five key progressives vying for competitive seats that could flip from red to blue in the next Congress, including: Andrea Salinas (OR-06), Val Hoyle (OR-04), Jamie McLeod-Skinner (OR-05), Michelle Vallejo (TX-15), and Chris Deluzio (PA-17).