Washington, D.C. – April 19th, Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC (CPC PAC), the political arm of the 78-member Congressional Progressive Caucus, announced its commitment to campaign finance reform by rejecting contributions from corporate PACs, making it the first major Congressional PAC to reject corporate donations.

“The CPC PAC’s decision to reject corporate PAC money demonstrates their leadership and commitment to unrigging the system. The Caucus has been a longtime champion of everyday families and this move underscores their dedication to giving all Americans a voice in our democracy. Their decision is part of a growing movement to refuse corporate PAC money, and we look forward to working with Representative Pocan, Representative Grijalva and the leadership of Congressional Progressive Caucus to end the influence of big money in politics so that Washington works for all of us,” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller.

“If we are going to end the influence of corporations and special interests in government, we have to start by not relying on their support. Only by being fully independent of their financial influence can we prioritize people over corporations,” said CPC Co-Chair Mark Pocan.

With the groundswell of grassroots support and small dollar donations, CPC PAC plans to support a number of progressive challengers and incumbent champions in the 2018 mid-term election cycle committed to the people, not corporations.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is the largest values-based caucus in the House of Representatives.